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15 min

Warm-up (No Measure)

200m Run

50 Calf walkouts

3 Mins DU practice

Mobility: Hips, glutes, lower back

and hamstrings

3 Rounds:

1. 30 Single unders

2. 8 DB snatch (4R+4L)

3. 8 DB thrusters (4R+4L)



Back Squat (5×4 @70% of 1rm + 20 DBL KB FS (Moderate Weigth) )

Strength Brief:

Today’s strength focus will be on the back squat. Our aim here is to build some strength and volume into the legs. We are going to go from a heavy back squat for 4 reps, immediately into high volume DBL KB front

squats. This is going to require us to engage the core thoroughly throughout. Work with KB’s we can move efficiently without having to stop and pause at the top of the rep.


• Brace the torso by pulling the elbows in toward the body and inhaling

• Sending the hips back and down

• Leading with the chest as we stand

• Complete 1 rep on 1 breath


11 Min AMRAP

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

35 Double Unders

10 ALT Single DB Snatch 50/35

5 DBL DB Thrusters


DU: Volume, 105 SU

DB Snatch: weight

Thrusters: Weight
WOD Stimulus:

Our workout today is a moderate duration AMRAP. Athletes have low volume of work, resulting in a high volume of rounds. Athletes should be aiming to complete all work unbroken today, however moving form a single

DB into a DBL DB will require us to stop and take a second before getting started on our next set of reps.

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