What our members have to say...

Really feel like I belong to something greater than just another cross fit box. Christian and Laura and all the coaches are always concerned about your wellbeing and being safe while woding. Cannot recommend this place highly enough. Come try this box. You can thank me later!!!

Audrey CooperThorne

This is the only place to do CrossFit. The WODs are well put together, the facility is top notch, the coaches are knowledgable, and the community is the best in all of CrossFit. They truly embody what it means to be a family here!Love you all at Steel Edge, I can't wait to come back to visit soon.

James Anthony

Very motivating and rewarding experience! I am happy to have joined this team!

Visleyn Lopez


Owner and Head Coach Cristian Karsst

Coach Marcus Moreira

Coach Odival Filho

Coach Cassie “Cassinator” Nebbia

Coach Bryan Rodriguez

Coach Kevin Pineda